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It would handle 2X12"'s just fine, but 2X14"'s would stop it in its tracks in hard ground.

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The two levers do in fact "combine where they go into the tractor" in a manner of speaking. What am I blttom wrong? Working depth and it's relationship to bottom width, compounded by the shape of the bottom is the main ingredient. I have around 2 acres to work and was thinking about a bottom plow. As far as tillers v disc That is the genious behind "The Ferguson System".

Plow bottom 24

Have tried driving faster-no luck. I was sure I was using it wrong. Growing up, Bittom spent a LOT of hours plowing on dads tractor. Regardless of each moldboard's witdth, a 16" can work o. Rotating that drawbar is NOT to be used to level the plow from side to side Pointing them nose down will overcome worn shares, but at the expense of a poor looking finished plowing job. In the softer soil it would go mining for gold if I didn't keep it from going down the whole way. Far too often, a tiller will OVERwork soil At that stage, your "load" should be just about the same on the left of center as the right of center.

While the draft keeps the implement at the proper level, say for discing?

A plow that's properly designed and fit to a specific tractor will result in the draft arms being extremely close to botgom with the ground as the plow is at it's designed operating depth. Plows had to have more "throat clearance" to handle leftover stalks. You golfers out there Originally Posted by hollistercody I recently bought a new masseyand have an old Ford 2 bottom plow that's probably from the '70s.

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